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Brief information about the company

Limited Liability Company PTK is engaged in several kinds of activity: sales of trucks and semitrailers made in the USA, maintenance and spare parts delivery. Our en-terprise is developing in this direction due to high qualification of our specialists working using their long-term work experience and special higher education. Professional team is the main value of our enterprise. Our specialists’ experience and concern assist in the prompt and competent settlement of any task and active development of the new business trends and partnership. Unification of production facilities and financial resources, high professional level and company’s specialists’ experience allow the company offering the new product for the market: complex settlement of tasks with the usage of the new technologies.

Limited Liability Company PTK is the official dealer of Kenworth-DAF, Detroit Diesel and the only enterprise in the Far-Eastern region that has a great choice of truck trac-tors and semi-trailers of USA-produced. Besides that, the company has some regional rep-resentatives in the Russian Federation. Read more.